” A lot of individuals like to make predictions on companies include categories just about everyone is familiar

It’s time for the Oscars, or by its formal name the Academy Awards, and that means predictions of “Who will win?” A lot of individuals like to make predictions on companies include categories just about everyone is familiar, but there kinds who’ll go even deeper into the obscure and technical categories too. I’ll just stick to predicting three categories I feel are not locked in with a particular shoe-in. This will make it a lot more interesting. Now I’m going to weigh in from the nominees, select won and then state why they might win. Without further ado let’s get right to doing it.

Prep is simple for this one, just chop everything up and stick it onto a skewer. Crush the garlic into the olive oil, then drizzle and coat the skewers all around (not too much). Pepper and salt to tastiness.

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