“My Heart Will Go On”-celine Dion

Welcome into the final installment of my five-part series on 2010 fall fashion trends: aviation, knits, and camel apparel. If you missed Part I, Part II, Part III, or Part IV, click for the part you missed capture up on your hottest (and not-so-hot–hello, white tights) trends of the 2011 fall fashion season. If aviation, knits, and camel coast aren’t for you, just look at rest of my series–there’s a trend for everyone in the fall 2010 fashion season.

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Anya Garnis specializes in Latin and Ballroom dancing. She is a former U.S. Latin Ballroom finalist (2004) who studied dance in Russia for eight years. Therefore, it is reasonable that her favorite dancer is Mikhail Baryisnikov.

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